PIG Player Usability Questionnaire

1= strongly agree3=neutral5=strongly disagree NA=not applicable
Question 1 2 3 4 5 NA
The game goals are understandable            
The screen representations of the game objects supports game play            
The screen layout is efficient            
Players can complete all tasks without leaving the game screen            
The screen layout is visually appealing            
The progress and status indicators are visible at all times            
The terminology used in the game is understandable            
The screen organization of the game is logical            
Game navigation is efficient            
Game navigation does not require extra effort            
Touch controls follow standard conventions            
Mouse control follows standard conventions            
The game AI dominated the game play            
Players feel in control of the game            
Game provides appropriate feedback for all player actions            
Players cannot make irreversible errors            
Players do not have to memorize information            
The game provided meaningful error messages            
Game help is available when needed            
The game was easy to use            
The game was easy to learn            
It was possible to complete all game tasks            
The game tasks were boring and repetitive            
Gameplay is interruptible without loss of progress            
The gameplay was challenging            
Parts of the game were childish            
Storyline supports game play in a meaningful way            
The game rewards are consistent with the game goals            
The game allows for more than one style of play            
The game has more than one solution path