Have a couple of hours?  You can have your app(s) in the Windows Store (it's true).

Friday 2/15/13 8:30am to 5pm UM-Dearborn 139 CIS

Have you ever wanted to build your own app?  Wouldn't an app look good on your resume?  What if you could build a cool app ready for Windows Store submission in a couple hours?  On February 15 join fun and friendly Jennifer Marsman of Microsoft to use the latest tools from Microsoft.  First you'll use an awesome tool from Microsoft Research named Touch Develop to build your app and once you done that you'll use Visual Studio to make another app.

Touch Develop, a scripting tool, runs in any HTML 5 compliant browser to create your app for Windows 8.  The workshop will be located in UM-Dearborn, CIS 139 Lab and last from 8:30am to 5pm.  Microsoft is providing prizes as well as the ability to publish your app to the Windows 8 store for free!   

What will you need to bring?  Best would be your own Windows laptop with Visual Studio.  If you have Windows 8 that would be great, but if you don't, that's okay.  If you want to get Windows 8, please follow this link to Win8 download page http://aka.ms/JenWin8 and the Visual Studio 2012 for Win 8 page http://aka.ms/JenVS2012


What will you get out of it? 

* You'll get an opportunityto win prizes (gift cards)

* You'll learn to build your very own Windows 8 app  using Touch Develop and then Visual Studio 2012

* You'll be able to publish your app(s) to the Windows Store (for free)

* You'll bolster your resume as an app creator, build your personal brand and you can earn money (or fame) if your app does well in the marketplace 


If you're interested, please register by sending an e-mail to

Dr. Bruce Maxim (bmaxim@umich.edu) no later than 2/12/13.


Why Windows 8 Apps?

Here's how to build your Windows 8 App (Live Demonstration)

Build your Windows 8 App with Touch Develop

Use Touch Develop & get assistance and support from Jennifer

Build your Windows 8 App with Visual Studio

Use Visual Studio 2012 Develop & get assistance and support from Jennifer