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Tools and Tips for Second Life

Useful Second Life Printable Page with controls and keyboard shortcuts (a Second Life Cheat Sheet): Second Life Cheat Sheet

30 Facts Every Second Life User Should Know About Second Life: 30 Good Facts

Want to start scripting in Second Life download the Second Life Script Editor:
Second Life Script Editor

Want to make professional sculpted textures for Second Life using Maya use this tutorial and script
Maya Tutorial
Maya Script for Conversion

Want to animate your avatar? Use Qavimator to bring your avatar to life. Qavimator Site

Want to make some sculpted textures with a simple interface use Sculpty Paint:

A Second Life Tutorial Wiki with pictures and videos:

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Project Members
Name Role Email
Matthew Sable Graduate Student Research Assistant mdsable@umd.umich.edu
Bruce Maxim Project Director bmaxim@umich.edu
John Cristiano Project Director cristiano@umich.edu
Evan Musu Programmer emusu@umd.umich.edu
Katherine Maxim Artist kmaxim@emich.edu