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See photos from the Second Life conference from June 3rd: Photos

Detroit Free Press Article - "Online Communities encourage help for hungry in southeast Michigan": Article Link

Article from University of Michigan - Dearborn reguarding Campus of Hope: Article Link

The Second Life project was a joint project between Ford and the University of Michigan-Dearborn. The Second Life island consisted of a Ford, University of Michigan - Dearborn, and Food Drive presence. Sadly, the island no longer exists in Second Life we cloased it after 8 years and moved the hunger games ot Unity. Download links to the Unity games can be found on tthis page: Campus of Hope Unity Games

Projects, Sites, and Documents created throughout this project:

Documents created throughout the life cycle of the project can be found here: Documents

Facts about Hunger: Gleaner's Detroit Hunger Resrources

Urban Farming websites by the High School Web Design Competition 2010: Urban Farming Websites

Like to know information on Food Drive Work/Statistics provided by Gleaners (Click the link below):
Food Drive Information

Want to see what is going on in Campus of Hope without creating an avatar then check out our video page of things occuring on our island:  Videos from Second Life

Tools and Tips for Second Life:   Tools and Tips

Project Members
Name Role Email
Matthew Sable Graduate Student Research Assistant mdsable@umd.umich.edu
Bruce Maxim Project Director bmaxim@umich.edu
John Cristiano Project Director cristiano@umich.edu
Evan Musu Programmer emusu@umd.umich.edu
Katherine Maxim Artist kmaxim@emich.edu