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See photos from the Second Life conference from June 3rd: Photos

Detroit Free Press Article - "Online Communities encourage help for hungry in southeast Michigan": Article Link

Article from University of Michigan - Dearborn reguarding Campus of Hope: Article Link

The Second Life project is a joint project between Ford and the University of Michigan-Dearborn. The Second Life island will consist of a Ford, University of Michigan - Dearborn, and Food Drive presence.

Please visit this link to sign-up for your Second Life account which gives credit towards BruceRobert Mizin (Bruce Maxim). Second Life Sign-Up Page.

Or sign-up through Second Life with ISTE and learn Second Life through their island in Second Life. Second Life Sign-Up with ISTE.

You can gain access to the island in two ways:

1) Contact Maxim here: Contact Maxim to gain access to Campus of Hope

2) Or, you can instant message BruceRobert Mizin within Second Life and ask him for access to the island.

Once, BruceRobert Mizin grants you access you can use this link to go to the island. Campus of Hope/University of Michigan-Dearborn Island.

Projects, Sites, and Documents created throughout this project:

Second Life Video Presenter for the Campus of Hope Island: Campus of Hope - Second Life Video Presenter

Documents created throughout the life cycle of the project can be found here: Documents

Facts about Hunger: Gleaner's Detroit Hunger Facts

Hunger Awareness websites by the High School Web Design Competition 2009: Hunger Websites

Urban Farming websites by the High School Web Design Competition 2010: Urban Farming Websites

Like to know information on Food Drive Work/Statistics provided by Gleaners (Click the link below):
Food Drive Information

Want to see what is going on in Campus of Hope without creating an avatar then check out our video page of things occuring on our island:  Videos from Second Life

Tools and Tips for Second Life:   Tools and Tips

Project Members
Name Role Email
Matthew Sable Graduate Student Research Assistant mdsable@umd.umich.edu
Bruce Maxim Project Director bmaxim@umich.edu
John Cristiano Project Director cristiano@umich.edu
Evan Musu Programmer emusu@umd.umich.edu
Katherine Maxim Artist kmaxim@emich.edu